Andy Goldworthy

‘Balanced Rock (misty)’, 1979

‘Red Leaf Patch’, 1983

‘Woven Branch circular arch’, 1986

Music piracy in the ’60s


Ever wish you could catch up on your favorite tv show while in the shower? Or listen to your ipod on shuffle without having to dry your hands to change the song? The Shower Tunes Curtain comes with a waterproof pouch (like kangaroos) that protects your electronics from water damage. It costs only $39.99 and comes with a one year warranty. Just think of all the things you can do with this invention, you can help set the mood for some shower loving, you can jam out to your favorite song, you can catch this weeks episode of Game of Thrones or whatever you like to watch, go on tumblr, watch youtube videos, apply for jobs, shop online, and you can even beat your score on Angry Birds.

Disclaimer: This is absolutely not an invitation to instagram yourself in the shower. 

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 Kurt Manley

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matsuyama architect and associates: house in nanjo

all images courtesy of matsuyama architect and associates


Meili & Peter - School of timber engineering, Biel 1999. Aging beautifully. Via, photos (C) Arnout FonckEddi Marshal.


This is a lamp!

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Zhang Xiangxi

“A series of hollowed-out television sets frame beguiling scenes imagined in Xiangxi’s works, begun while studying sculpture at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.

Situated in a small creative community in Hei Qiao Cun on the northeastern edge of the city, his studio is littered with second-hand appliances like washing machines, which become the sites of miniature worlds inspired by locations such as his old workspace in Guangzhou, the workers’ dormitory he once lived in, his parent’s sitting room, the interior of a train carriage—even his dream home. They are replicas rendered faithfully, but playfully, often using the cement, brick, glass, stone or paper materials found in their life-sized equivalents.”


Keng Lye - Alive without Breath (2013) - Hyperrealistic sea animals created using acrylics and epoxy resin, layer by layer

Foals, pt. VI // Yannis Philippakis 

Dallas, TX 2013

Foals pt. V // Yannis Philippakis climbs on amplifiers 

Dallas, TX 2013

Foals, pt. IV Dallas, TX 2013

Foals, pt. III Dallas, TX 2013

Foals pt. II Dallas, TX 2013

Foals at The House of Blues // Dallas, TX 

April 26, 2013